We work with many Joomla websites on a daily basis and we spend a lot of time switching between the website and the admin area.

A very vague blog title, but we believe a very big and important area of business.

Here is a quick introduction to one of the most recent features to be added to Twitter.

It's been a bit embarrassing for SSL recently, earlier this year was the problem with Apple's software which had a SSL weakness, and now we've got "Heartbleed".

Most of us use social networking regularly, you probably found a link to this blog via your Facebook newsfeed, or your Twitter timeline.

It's a simple question and there are lots of Google results giving a few options.

Most people will know Pinterest as one of the growing number of social media sites that have popped up over recent years. Pinterest allows users to share photos and images, everything from recipes to holiday photos, how to guides and infographics and anything else you can think of are shared.

How Much?

Are you joking? Money doesn't grow on trees you know, I can't afford that!

Forget it, I'll find someone cheaper or Do It Myself!

'STOP' and think about what has just been said. 'Money doesn’t grow on trees' so you think! When you sat down at your laptop and thought of an idea for a business that would improve your income without you knowing it you had already planted the seed. That seed then started to grow, accumulate and turn into an idea that soon would sprout its branches and expand into a more successful business.

While Twitter is busy Sunsetting products, Facebook is getting ready for changes of its own.

Twitter announced the retirement of version 1 of the API earlier this year. Today (March 5th) is the first of several "Black out" tests they will run.

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