Sunsetting of Twitter @Anywhere

Posted on Wednesday, 06 March 2013

Have you noticed your Twitter widgets are broken this morning?


What does this mean for your website?

Twitter confirmed yesterday that they were "Sunsetting @Anywhere".

@Anywhere was an easy to use set of code that allowed developers to add Twitter integration to a website.

Twitter, as with the rest of the internet, is constantly evolving, @Anywhere might have been withdrawn from service, but there are other options available. Embedded timelines, Follow and Tweet buttons are all still available, and if you had something more complex its likely there is still a solution out there for you.

If you notice Twitter widgets on your website are no longer working, its very likely it is connected to @Anywhere.


What can you do?

Here at Chester Solutions Ltd we can update your site to use Twitter's latest API. If you're existing Twitter integration is not to your liking, or you notice problems with your site, let us know, we can help.


Source: Sunsetting @Anywhere


  • @Anywhere: This was an easy-to-deploy solution for bringing the Twitter communication platform to your site. Developers used @Anywhere to add Follow Buttons, Hovercards, linkify Twitter usernames, and build deeper integrations with "Connect to Twitter."
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