You can't afford a cheap website

Posted on Monday, 12 August 2013 Written by  Michelle

How Much?

Are you joking? Money doesn't grow on trees you know, I can't afford that!

Forget it, I'll find someone cheaper or Do It Myself!

'STOP' and think about what has just been said. 'Money doesn’t grow on trees' so you think! When you sat down at your laptop and thought of an idea for a business that would improve your income without you knowing it you had already planted the seed. That seed then started to grow, accumulate and turn into an idea that soon would sprout its branches and expand into a more successful business.

'PRICE' is an issue no matter what it is we have to spend it on. Being frugal can pay off and taking a gamble in life sometimes works out. For instance the brand of coffee that you love has gone up in price and you take a moment to decide if you want to pay the extra few pounds until you spot an alternative brand that is cheaper so you take it home. You make it, you try it and although it is nice and it hits the spot it is not as satisfying as your original brand; yet you are not fazed as you have not lost anything and at the same you have saved a bit of spare change.

In order to achieve your goal you have to speculate to accumulate so the saying goes; in order to do that you need to take risks and approach your business with the professional care and attention it needs and deserves that is if you actually want to make a profit rather than loose it (as it won't just be spare change that you lose). You could completely disagree with me and decide that it would be easier to do it yourself. I mean it is only a few pages on a computer screen that you can build in Microsoft word isn't it?

'It can't be that hard……… Can it?'

'THINK AGAIN' a web developer is someone who has worked in the profession for many years perfecting his technique in order to help make your business a success and maintains the SEO in order for you to gain more clientele turning them from visitors into paying customers. He makes sure that everybody is educated about your business and allows you to take your time to relax and truly enjoy your new website. Building a website is a balancing act and you need to practice in order to get it right.

So which side of the scale are you on? The one where the professional comes in and devises you an amazing website that will set your business up for life? Or the Cheaper alternative, the one you are satisfied with yet disheartened and hope that one day you will get some custom from it. You will eventually realise that you have made a huge mistake not going with a web designer that knows what he is doing and kick yourself when you have to pay out double in order to fix the problem you created!

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