How to check Magento version

Posted on Tuesday, 18 March 2014

It's a simple question and there are lots of Google results giving a few options.

Some will tell you to open up app/Mage.php and look for the version info in the getVersion method.

Others will suggest logging in to the admin area and checking the footer.

You could even open up Magento Connect manager via the Magento admin and check the version of Mage_All_Latest.



  there is a quicker way that will work on most sites and does not need access to PHP files or admin login details:

Look for the release notes file. This file is updated with information on each new release, which bugs have been squashed, what features have been updated and much more.

The version at the top of the file, will most likely be the version that Magento is currently using.

Not all Magento websites will include the RELEASE_NOTES.txt file, we normally delete identifying files like this from websites we build. This information could be used for evil, if someone finds out that you are running an old version, and there is a known exploit in the code your site can easily be identified and attacked.