Social Networking

Posted on Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Most of us use social networking regularly, you probably found a link to this blog via your Facebook newsfeed, or your Twitter timeline.

You might be one of the 1 billion mobile monthly active users[1] and be viewing this blog on your smart phone or tablet, or you could be one of the 230 million active users[2] on Twitter. You might even remember MySpace, and a few of you possibly still use it. There are many networks out there from LinkedIn for business networking to Untappd to share your beer recommendations with friends.

Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, SnapChat, Vine, Tumblr, Bebo - Where does social networking end and micro-blogging start?

What does the phrase "Social Networking" mean to you?


[1] TechRadar: Facebook hits 1 billion mobile monthly active users

[2] Twitter: Who's on Twitter?


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