Joomla Administrator

Posted on Tuesday, 17 February 2015

We work with many Joomla websites on a daily basis and we spend a lot of time switching between the website and the admin area.

This extension will add the Joomla logo to the omnibox in Chrome when it detects that you are viewing a Joomla website. Click on the icon to open a new tab for the /administrator url.

(The detection is primitive and may not match every Joomla website).


1. Download the Extension file

2. Open the Extensions page in Chrome. Menu > More Tools > Extensions (or Copy and paste this into your address bar chrome://extensions)

3. Drag the crx file you downloaded in Step 1, from your Downloads folder into the Chrome Extensions page.

4. Confirm you want to "Add" the extension.

Future ideas:

  • If there is already an admin tab open for the current site, switch to it instead of opening a new tab every time.
  • Add additional options for detecting Joomla websites, currently fails on berry/worth

Current Version: 1.1