Chester Solutions Beer Festival Mobile Application


The best beer festivals last for decades because of a reputation spread by word of mouth. Well our beer festival app enables you to effortlessly turn up the volume on your event by hooking straight into social media, where your reach is multiplied instantly and where your reputation can be magnified nationally and internationally at the click of a button.

With total simplicity and extraordinary value for money, this app instantly connects your festival and its punters to the thousands of beer bloggers, brewers, niche craft producers, distributors and beer fans who are increasingly gathering information, rumour and recommendations from Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t get us wrong, you still need to deliver an awesome beer festival, but as organisers it means:

  • a ‘white’ app that can be fully branded to your event
  • out-of-the-box detailed customer information on what people buy – very useful for breweries
  • potential additional revenue streams from downloads and advertising
  • beer lists, brewery info, tasting notes, prices and food
  • entertainments listings and running orders
  • charity information for your good causes
  • a great complement to your brochures

And for your punters it means

  • giving your beer festival a leading edge by marrying beer with their prized gadgets in a way that keeps them coming back
  • demonstrating that you’re keeping up with the times
  • no more putting down your glass to flick through a brochure
  • banishing the biro to scribble your notes
  • interacting with friends on social media
  • a complete list of beers they’ve enjoyed that can be reflected on with clarity the morning after

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This app was tested at the Chester Charity Beer Festival in 2012 and received the following feedback.

  • The perfect app for the Chester Beer Festival! *****
    by KTippers - Version 1.0 - 10-May-2012
  • Perfectly smooth *****
    by StickyToffeePudding - Version 1.2 - 31-May-2012
  • Total Recall... Sort of *****
    by Pimpmydibber - Version 1.2 - 07-June-2012